Education pillars

The added value of this educational content is to codify and provide on-line the available education offer on IoT, mirroring the end-users’ needs and facilitating the access. This comprehensive offer provides a thorough IoT education offer in a sort of one-stop-shop: everything concerning the available IoT education, just two clicks away.

Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Education Offer

This academic offer is dedicated to current IoT students, lecturers, researchers and developers. The section is organized in three sub-sections.
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  • Education Offer for Intermediate Level: The academic offer here will include courses taught at the Master Degree Programmes. There is an increasing number of courses at the MSc in IoT since students have the basic necessary knowledge to start appropriately combining the ICT and technological knowledge.

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Life-long Learning Education Offer

The courses here are dedicated to two groups of professionals: a) IoT professionals, who have the need for either further or more specific specialization; b) and professionals either ICT or business people who decide to specialize on IoT technologies.
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Transversal Soft-Skills Education Offer

This section will contain courses targeting participants in each of the above-mentioned stakeholders, who feel the need or opportunity for transversal education in soft-skills (including business & innovation courses). A specific attention is dedicated to courses on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), which include modules and guidelines on how to preserve IPR while presenting the innovative ideas.
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Education Offer for End-Users

These courses are dedicated to end-users considering that the latter capacity to interact with IoT services/solutions is one of the principal factors hindering the further expansion of the IoT technology. These courses aim at increasing the users? acceptance by providing modules on how to use IoT services and technologies. In this way, end-users can benefit much more from the available services and can contribute to improve the offered solutions. 
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