Using Smart Meters Data for Energy Management Operations and Power Quality Monitoring in a Microgrid

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by E.J. Palacios-Garcia, E. Rodriguez-Diaz, A. Anvari-Moghaddam, M. Savaghebi, J.C. Vasquez, J.M. Guerrero, A. Moreno-Munoz

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Smart metering devices have become an essentialpart in the development of the current electrical networktoward the paradigm of Smart Grid. These meters present inmost of the cases, functionalities whose analysis capabilitiesgo further beyond the basic automated meter readings forbilling purposes, integrating home or building area networks(HAN/BAN), alarms and power quality indicators in some cases.All those characteristics make this widely spread equipmenta free, accurate and flexible source of information that canreplace expensive and dedicated devices. Therefore, this paperpresents the integration of a commercial advanced meteringinfrastructure (AMI) in the context of a smart building with anenergy management system (EMS). Furthermore, power qualitymonitoring based on this AMI is explained. All the detailsregarding the implementation in a laboratory scale application,as well as the obtained results, are provided.Index Terms—Advanced metering infrastructure, smart meter,energy management system, power quality, microgrid.