Wireless Communications Security: Wireless Security Platforms and Functionality

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by J. T. J. Penttinen

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This chapter summarizes key aspects of wireless security platforms and their functionality. The overall secure protocols for signalling, data transfer and Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) management via, e.g., Short Message Service (SMS) and the Bearer Independent Protocol (BIP), are discussed together with the role of the SIM, Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) and embedded UICC (eUICC). The chapter presents typical Over the Air (OTA) remote techniques for subscription management, including SIM OTA, as well as the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), cloud and Host Card Emulation (HCE). The SIM OTA also works for the initiation of the subscription, remote management of files and applications, and for the overall subscription lifetime management. The TEE is located outside of the SIM/UICC but is still based on the hardware (HW) within the user device. The idea of the TEE is to divide the processing functions of the mobile equipment into normal and secure domains, or normal and secure worlds.
Author J. T. J. Penttinen
ISBN 97811190844
Publisher Wiley Telecom
URL http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/ebooks/bookPdfWithBanner.jsp?fileName=8045561.pdf&bkn=8040112&pdfType=chapter