Wireless Communications Security: Wireless Payment and Access Systems

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by J. T. J. Penttinen

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This chapter outlines the current most relevant solutions for mobile payment and access control. It discusses the EMV Company (EMVCo) concept and other banking systems along with selected use cases such as ecommerce, transport and access systems. Commercial markets are considering many mobile wallet solutions based on Near Field Communications (NFC), tokenization or Host Card Emulation (HCE). The chapter also discusses the eye iris authentication, which is based on Eyeprint id, which has been developed by US based EyeVerify and AirWatch. The Google Wallet mobile application has been designed to store credit cards and offers of users on their phone hardware, thus it relies on eSE. The Apple Pay concept was announced in 2014 to support in app purchases and NFC payments at contactless Point of Sale (POS) terminals which consist of PayWave of Visa, PayPass of MasterCard, and ExpressPay of American Express, and it currently supports a wide variety of credit and debit card banks in the USA.
Author J. T. J. Penttinen
ISBN 97811190844
Publisher Wiley Telecom
URL http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/ebooks/bookPdfWithBanner.jsp?fileName=8042714.pdf&bkn=8040112&pdfType=chapter