Wireless Communications Security:Solutions for the Internet of Things

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by J. T. J. Penttinen

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Language: English

Domain of interest: Technical
This chapter discusses the principles of Internet of Things (IoT) by interpreting its typical definitions and analysing the suitability of it in different environments. The overall development of IoT is explained by investigating the evolution of machine to machine (M2M) solutions and mobile connectivity, the Connected Living concept, and other relevant industry forum, alliance and standardization initiations. The chapter summarizes the global status for the Long Term Evolution (LTE)/LTEA bands in order to present the challenges of RF band fragmentation. It also summarizes some of the key concepts in the IoT domain such as the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) Connected Living concept and other industry forum, alliance and standardization initiations. The GSMA Connected Living concept is planned to enable IoT, creating an environment in which consumers and businesses can enjoy rich new services, connected by an intelligent and secure mobile network.
Author J. T. J. Penttinen
ISBN 97811190844
Publisher Wiley Telecom
URL http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/ebooks/bookPdfWithBanner.jsp?fileName=8043718.pdf&bkn=8040112&pdfType=chapter