The Open Education Platform (OEP) objective is to act as a hub providing a categorized/coherent IoT education content and to act as an interaction virtual ground where the IoT stakeholders (start-ups, companies, developers, etc.) can address their current needs. Focused on addressing current IoT needs OEP is organized in two main parts: Education Area offering IoT content at various levels for students and professionals and Matchmaking Area where IoT stakeholders interact to address each-others needs and offer potential feedback and solutions. 

Education area contains the identified education offer categorized into:

  1. IoT modules/courses for beginners; intermediate; advanced users (predominantly focused on IoT students and developers);
  2. Life-long learning offer dedicated to professionals and developers working on IoT, which would like to update and/or upgrade their knowledge;
  3. Transversal/soft skills referring to professionals, developers and students, who are keen to improve their innovation and entrepreneurship capacities;
  4. Digital skills for end-users consisting of modules dedicated to end-users for facilitating their interaction and access to IoT technologies.

Matchmaking area is organized in two sections:

  1. Marketplace section where companies, research institutions/universities can post requests if they need trainers or lecturers for their courses;
  2. Challenges and testbeds section promoting interaction between companies & developers. 

The earlier offer potential challenges and developers provide a solution and where companies present services and end-users can participate by providing feedback and potential ideas for improvements. Get involved in the IoT community & create an account. Once logged you can contribute in the OEP by uploading education materials, by proposing challenges in the market place or by asking expertise and/or test-bed opportunities (where the community of OEP followers can participate) to validate your ideas.

The Open Education Platform is developed by the UNIFY-IoT project, supported by the IoT-EPI initiative. UNIFY-IoT project is funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union.

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